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Home Security for Snowbirds

Having the freedom to spend the coldest part of the year in a warm part of the country, and vice versa, is a great thing. However, if you maintain two homes, you should be aware that you have security concerns that people who own only one home don't have to worry about. A home that stands vacant for months at a time is a tempting target for vandals and thieves. I found this out one year when I arrived at my summer home only to find out that it had been burglarized in my absence. To prevent a similar occurrence in the future, I had an alarm system installed, and arranged for a local friend to check on our home weekly while we were away. I started this blog to talk about home security strategies for snowbirds like myself. Learn how to protect both of your homes.

Three Body Language Tips For Security Guards To Remember

Body language is important in every profession, including when you work as a security officer. In this field, you need to balance appearing authoritative and strong with also appearing friendly and approachable, given that you'll need to often behave in both contrasting manners during an average shift. If you're stationed at a security desk rather than patrolling an area, it's important to be cognizant of your body language. You're not tucked in a cubicle out of sight — you're in a public space where lots of people, including those who employ you, can see you. Read More 

Apartment Complex Security Tips

As the manager of a small apartment community, it is your duty to create a safe place for tenants. If you aren't diligent when it comes to community security, your complex can soon be infiltrated with criminals and vandals who will run your good tenants out. Then, you will be left with vacant apartments that are hard to rent and a lot of issues that give the complex a bad name in the neighborhood. Read More 

How Can You Keep Your Business’s Confidential Physical Documents Secure?

With large-scale data breaches happening to some of the biggest worldwide retailers on a seemingly weekly basis, it can seem like no one is immune from an occasional inadvertent breach of privacy laws. However, although the modern business environment primarily focuses on electronic security, keeping your small business's confidential or legally protected records physically secure is equally as important as (if not more important than) online security. Even allowing a customer to get a glimpse of a sheet of paper with another customer's confidential information on it could subject you to fines or other civil penalties under law. Read More 

3 Security And Loss Prevention Tips For A Grand Opening

The grand opening of your new business is just around the corner, and you have likely planned a major event and sale to bring in the customers. Shoplifting and theft can be a real concern during a grand opening celebration. The increased crowds combined with the learning curve of being a new business owner can make security challenging, to say the least. The following three tips can help you keep your bottom line secure. Read More